What is Golf Surprize League?

  • A golf league where you dont need to beat any other players to win a prize.

    Signup to the league for FREE.

  • Purchase 4 credits for $40 to access the prize platform. You choose any round of golf by entering your tee time.

  • Receive an SMS on game day at your tee time and click the link to open the surprize opportunities to win.

  • You normally have 1 in 8 chance to win up to $500 to spend.

  • How do I win on game day?

    Make sure you enter you Tee Time prior to playing.

    Every round you can win up to $500 with:

  • Prizes hidden under your Tee Time. (if the sponsor logo turns green you win)

  • Prizes for beating Target Scores. (A stroke score to beat on as many holes as possible)

  • Prizes for Stray Shots.(you can win for the shots you didn’t mean to hit!)

It’s so simple to support Charity through golf.

  • Every golfer that joins the League raises money for Charity.

  • Additionally to winning each time you play, we’ve added a big surprize draw with huge prizes at the end of each quarter.

  • Do you want to have more fun in the rounds your already playing and win prizes in totally new fun ways?
    Please join today.