Support charity in any game of golf you play. Every golfer can use the Golf Surprize League to win prizes hidden under tee times, prizes for beating social scores and prizes for S#%@! Shots.

Three ways to win prizes without needing to beat any other players.

There are prizes hidden under your tee time. There are prizes for beating Target Scores ™ . Prizes for all you S#%@! Shots.

  • Any round of golf can be a League Round.

    You can nominate any round of golf you plan to play, as a League round and unlock the chance to win prizes.

  • More fun playing golf.

    Knowing that part of your entry fee goes directly to charity gives more meaning to your golf.

  • Now you have a reason to lose golf balls.

    We created opportunity to win prizes for stray shots, so the pressure is off to play perfectly every game.

  • Join the league.

    Click here to join now.

  • Purchase Golf SMS credits.

    Any game of golf is only 1xSMS credits to enter. SMS your full name to 888 9944 077

  • What you can win.

    You can win e-vouchers from nearly 400 different brands including Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Apple bees, Macy's, Walmart and many more.

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Golfer Reviews

I will continue to support this league, charity helped our family tremendously.

- Terry Shute -

What an absolute blast to be able to win prizes without needing to beat other players at my club.

- Sarah Young -

I don't have a handicap and finally there is a league where I can have fun and win prizes too!

- Dean Thompson -

Purchase your credits to access the prize platform.

Purchase Golf SMS credits here. 4 x SMS credits is $40. They can be social rounds of golf or tournament rounds.

Each game = 1 SMS credits


  • Prizes hidden under Tee Time
  • Social Scores for all golfers
  • Instant rewards for stray shots
  • Over 400 brands
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Frequently asked questions

What value are the prizes?

All prizes are valued between $20 and $500.

E-gift vouchers will be sent within 48 hours Monday to Friday. If course credit is won then we will endeavour to process the credit within 48 hours, but some courses may take longer.

Any golfer who has ever hit a golf ball can join. This league is not just for handicapped golfers, it's for any level of golfer.

Every entry into the league directly supports a charity financially. Your credits to win prizes are distributed to the charity named on the League site or the charity in the joining URL.

Can children join the league?

Yes, there are no prizes that require a winner to be 18 years of age or older.

When you enter the tee time of your next game, you will receive a link on game day to reveal brand logos. If they turn green you win the amount shown to spend with that brand. Normally 1 in 8 win.

You will be given a score to beat on as many holes as possible. E.G. Beat 4 shots on as many holes as possible. If you enter a number that matches the previous day's most popular answer from all golfers, you win instantly.

You are asked 3 questions about what holes certain shots occurred. If your answer matches the previous day's most popular answer for any of the questions, from all golfers, you win instantly.

The draws are massive extra prizes you can win. The more you play and the more you win in the league, the more entries you get in those draws.

Join the League right now.

Don't hit one more bad shot without the opportunity of winning prizes.

Proudly supporting local charity.